Abandoned Car Towing Services in Detroit

Professional Abandoned Car Towing

At Access Point Towing, we specialize in abandoned car towing. Our experienced team is equipped to handle the removal of abandoned vehicles efficiently and safely, ensuring your property remains clear and compliant. Each tow we provide you with a copy of the video files and the vehicle owner’s information. This way you have what you need to pursue reimbursement of damages caused by illegal parking on your private property.

Heavy vehicles can cause a significant amount of damage to your property. They can leak anti-freeze, oil, grease, or other hazardous materials. This can injure someone walking across your parking lot or catch the eyes of the Environmental Protection Agency. For towing on your commercial or residential property, call Access Point Towing today at (313) 595-1771 or contact us here.

Our Abandon Vehicle Services Include:

Reasons for Private Property Towing

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