Towing Services

Quality Abandoned Car Towing

Access Point Towing also offers abandoned car towing. Our professionals will ensure every tow is videotaped showing state-approved towing signs, vehicles condition before the tow, and if there is any damage to your property. Access Point Towing will provide you with a copy of the video files and the vehicle owner information to ensure you have what you need to pursue them for reimbursement of damages caused by illegal parking on private property. 

At Access Point Towing, we know that heavy vehicles can cause a significant amount of damage to your property. Heavy vehicles can leak, anti-freeze, oil, grease, or other hazardous materials, which could cause injury to someone walking across your parking lot or catch the eyes of the Environmental Protection Agency. For abandoned vehicle towing on your commercial or residential property, call Access Point Towing today at (313) 595-1771.

Our Abandon Vehicle Towing Includes:

  • On-Call Service: We only tow when you give us a call to do so.
  • Patrol Towing: We tow any time of the day or night while providing you with our property patrol services.
  • Towing Fees: All Towing Fees are to be paid by the vehicle owner, not the property owner.

Reasons for Private Property Towing

  • Expired Parking Permits
  • Illegal Fire Lane Parking
  • Illegal Handicap Parking
  • No Parking Zone Parking
  • Vehicle Blocking Dumpster
  • Vehicle Blocking Reserved Parking Areas
  • Vehicle Leaking Fluid
  • Wrecked or Inoperable Vehicle Parking