Impound Lots

Impound Lots for Abandoned Vehicles

Access Point Towing offers protected and secure abandoned vehicle towing and impounding from private residential and commercial properties in Detroit, Michigan, and the surrounding areas. We ensure that all vehicles we tow have been photographed, and with every tow, the process is videotaped. 

Our impound lots have 24-hour surveillance, and we will handle the necessary paperwork for you. Our damage-free towing ensures no additional damages to the car or truck we are removing from your property. When towing an abandoned vehicle from your property, all fees are directed to the vehicle owner and not the property manager. Our pickup and release administrations are accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  For more information on our abandoned vehicle towing services, call us today at (313) 595-1771.

How Do I Get My Car Returned?

For more information, call Access Point Towing at (313) 595-1771. We will gladly explain our impound lot terms and help you figure out how to get your vehicle back.

Our Impound Lots are:

  • Security Cameras 
  • Well Lit Facilities 
  • State Licensed Facility/Staff 
  • Employees drug screened 

Access Point Towing stores its vehicles in 3 impound lots.

Our Impound Lots Are Located At:

9155 Hayes, Detroit, MI 48213

14390 Wyoming, Detroit, MI 48238